Calling All Angels

angel cards

I purchased a deck of The Original Angel Cards a few months ago. I have them in a pretty bowl and use them during my Reiki sessions. I usually ask my client to think of a question and then pull out a card. Sometimes I feel compelled to pull out a card for them. The more I play with these cards, the more amazed I am at the accuracy of the cards chosen. Here are a few examples:

1) My client chose the card Obedience; he could see how it related to his question. Later on that same day, as I was getting ready to take my dog to dog training, I decided to pull out a card. I pulled out Obedience. There are 72 cards and I always shuffle very, very well before pulling a card.

2) While I waited for a Reiki client to arrive, I picked out the card Peace. When I put the card back in the bowl, I felt compelled to leave it right on top. My client arrived, we chatted and she got on the table. When I asked her what was her intention for the session, she said “Peace. I just want Peace.” I told her I had just chosen that card a few minutes earlier and showed her the card.

3) The next day, my Reiki client’s intention for the session was Peace. I shared the story and we both got a kick out of it.

4) I had a client who was attending a wedding the next day. We chatted about the wedding, the traveling and all her plans. I decided to pull out a card and chose Commitment. We both laughed. During her session, I heard various messages. One word that kept on repeating was Healing, Healing, Healing. I could not get the word out of my head. After the session, I shared with her the messages, especially the word Healing.

As she listened to me, she began shuffling the Angel cards. One card jumped out of the bowl. It was Healing. We both gasped. It was very, very weird.

5) Yesterday my Reiki client chose the card Forgiveness. She was confused and said it didn’t answer her question. However, she said she’s been working on a spiritual project that was all about forgiveness. This morning I gave a long distance Reiki session. I pulled a card before the session and after the session. Forgiveness was one of the two words. This was after my daughters had shuffled the cards and picked out their cards. I also shuffled the cards as I always do.

My cynical side says that these are all just coincidences. That none of this means anything. Yet another part of me thinks that while I am not a mathematician, it is a bit odd. Of course there are times when I pick a card or my client picks a card that doesn’t seem to tie into the question whatsoever. And then my mind tells me that I can make any word fit. Yet, in the examples I shared, there seems to be something else going on.

What do you think?



2 thoughts on “Calling All Angels

  1. Thanks Judie for your thoughts…, I too love the Angel Cards and I have found they are more often than not, spot on! My first introduction to the cards after purchasing them on a whim was, I brought them to a group of kids my then 5 y.o. son was playing with probably about 5 or 6 kids in the group. I had each child pick a card with heavy shuffling between picking the cards. Each child pulled the “playfulness” card. There were 44 cards in the deck. I was amazed, and still am 6 years later……

  2. Amy, wow, what a great share. My girls love to pick cards. This morning my 8 year old picked the word Vision. My 10 year old said “uh oh, that probably means you need new glasses.”

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