Reiki & Manifesting


When I decided to take a break this summer from teaching yoga to kids, I knew that I was going to have more time to devote to giving Reiki sessions. I love giving Reiki. If you have never heard of Reiki, I have a more formal definition of it on my blog but the short definition is that it’s a form of energy healing. When I give Reiki sessions (that’s a photo of my table), my main intention is that the person enters a meditative, calm state. When the body is relaxed, healing in whatever shape, can take place. The interesting thing is that healing often begins as soon as the person makes the appointment with me. Also, before I begin the session, I spend time talking with the person and often times, “things” come out. The person starts making connections with what is going on in their lives. Many times my clients will tell me that by talking with me and then receiving Reiki, they often have an “aha” moment.

The thought about spending my summer serving Reiki made me very excited and happy. I just didn’t know how I was going to make it happen. On the new moon, I wrote that I would like to give 1-2 Reiki sessions each week. I realized that I should tell my clients that my schedule was going to be more open. The thought also occurred to me to let them know that I was offering a summer discount. I love receiving discounts and I assumed they would enjoy that as well. I also reminded them that I offer a Friend Referral discount and that I offer long distance sessions. Even though I couldn’t wait to hit Send, I kept a draft in my gmail for about a week. I waited until I felt inspired to send it out. I don’t know what was creating that feeling but I’ve long learned to trust my gut.

After I sent the email, I wondered if there was anything I could do. The answer was no. I realized that if I was meant to give Reiki sessions, then people would come to me. At that point, I had done everything I felt inspired to do and the rest was up to the Universe.

I guess the Universe did want me to give sessions because I have been giving them! Last week I gave 3 sessions. Yesterday I realized that I didn’t have any appointments scheduled for the coming week. It’s July 4th week so I didn’t give it much thought. Today someone texted me to see if I was free on Wednesday morning for a session. I’m learning not to worry.

Maybe I’m just lucky? Maybe it is the Universe’s doing? Karma? Regardless of the reason, I’m thankful to be doing something that I love. And I’m so thankful and appreciative that my clients are enjoying this work.


5 thoughts on “Reiki & Manifesting

  1. When you are following your heart’s work (spirit’s work, dharma, whatever you want to call it!) with openness, gratitude, love and joy, others will be drawn to you. Guess you’re doing something very right, Judie!

  2. Thank you Jeannette! That must be the case. Also I feel the fact that I have been able to let this desire go was also key. I was panicked a bit when I thought of how I would “find” clients but I was able to release it once I realized that I was the one who came up with this “goal.” I want to serve and if I’m meant to give Reiki sessions, then I would attract those I could help.

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