Manifesting With The New Moon


I’m a big fan of writing down new moon wishes. Most of us are probably aware of the full moon. We see her beauty in the sky. We may have noticed our emotions become more heated around the full moon, or that babies are born around the full moon or that our kids and family act crazy. Two weeks later, there’s a new moon. Full moon is a time of completion, letting go and releasing. The new moon is the time of planting seeds, making wishes and watching them unfold.

I have been writing down new moon wishes for years. If you google, you will come up with a lot of information. I always turn to astrologer Jan Spiller for both the new and full moon information. I am so passionate about the new moon that I wanted to share with you some things that I have found helpful when using the new moon energy to make your dreams come true.

Here are my Top 10 Tips on Writing New Moon Wishes

1)   Handwrite your wishes on a piece of paper. I keep a new moon wish notebook. It’s fun to read over my past wishes and see how many have come true. Of course there are some wishes I’m still waiting to manifest.

2)   You should write down 2-10 wishes. Astrologers say not to write down more than 10 since the energy may disperse. I usually write 10 but there are times when I have written more. ***Update*** I ended up adding another wish to my list so this month, so far, I have written 11 wishes. 

3)   If something is very important to you, write the wish in more than one way. (Refer to Jan Spiller’s New Moon Astrology book for more information).

4)   I always end my list with “This or something even better is manifesting in my life today for my best and highest good. It is done, it is done, it is done. And so it is. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

5)   It’s very important to know exactly at what time the new moon is since timing is everything when it comes to writing your wishes. There are astrological aspects called balsamic moon and void of course moon. The moon is not at her “best” so it’s best to avoid writing wishes at that time.

6)   The best time to write your wishes are the first 8 hours after the new moon. But the first 48 hours still work. (Again, refer to Jan Spiller’s site for the exact timing).

7)   I like to read my wishes out loud to make sure they feel good to me. And, it also adds an extra something something. If you write a wish and change your mind, or it doesn’t feel good, cross it out.

8)   I like to add the words “easily and effortlessly” and “today” in every wish. I’m not patient. I want my wishes to manifest fast and also in the easiest way possible. Does it always happen that way? No, but I like to put it out there. *** Update*** I decided to reread my wishes before I began chanting to Shiva. I realized that I didn’t like how the word “today” made my wishes sound so I crossed it out and wrote “every day.” 

9)   It’s a good idea to consider what sign the new moon is in every month. The first new moon in March falls in Pisces. According to Jan Spiller’s book, Pisces rules imagination, inner happiness, psychic sensitivity, trusting our intuition, spiritual healing, compassion and releasing helplessness. Pisces also rules self destructive habits or behaviors, drinking, food, criticizing others or ourselves, or procrastination.

You may want to consider writing wishes on these issues. I also like to find out what astrological house the new moon is hitting (I have a chart on For example, this new moon hits my 4th house. 4th house rules family and home. I made sure to write down a few wishes that related to my children, husband and home.

10) Have faith and have fun writing the wishes!

There are two new moons in March. This is very rare! The best time for writing down wishes for the new moon in Pisces is Saturday March 1st 3:00 a.m until midnight, Sunday March 2nd 12:01 am-6:03 am, 10:41 am until midnight, and Monday, March 3rd, 12:01 am- 3:00 am. Writing your wishes the first 8 hours after the new moon while avoiding the void of course moon, is the best time to write your wishes.

The second new moon is in Aries and arrives on March 30th. This new moon is very special because it arrives after the Spring Equinox. Jan Spiller talks about creating a treasure map or vision board on the new moon in Aries. I highly recommend doing that!

May all your dreams and wishes come true for your best and highest good today. Please keep me posted. I would love to hear from you and your experience with writing new moon wishes. Namaste.


Every Day Is Valentine’s Day

judieskidsheart judieskidsheart2

I had to share these photos that I took in one of my kids yoga classes yesterday. My theme was Every Day Is Valentine’s Day. We pretended we were Cupid (none of the kids knew who Cupid was). Sending love, chocolate and lollipops to anyone who was sad or needed extra kisses. It was so sweet.

Yoga Makes Me Happy



Over the years, I’ve read or heard people’s stories on how yoga changed their life. Yogis have shared how yoga helped them through a divorce or recover from an eating disorder or through another addiction. I often felt envious of these stories, as crazy as that sounds. I never felt that yoga impacted me in such a dramatic way. Yes, practicing yoga made me feel happier and I often felt better after practicing but I couldn’t relate a huge shift due to practicing yoga. 

In class this morning, my teacher shared how one of her daughters got injured and how she handled the situation very calmly. She said she was able to be so calm because of yoga. It made me think, yet again, if there was anything that I could attribute to yoga other than my defined shoulders (my teacher commented on the muscle tone in my shoulders but honestly, I just have wide shoulders).

As I practiced, I realized that while I could not, at this time, come up with something big and dramatic, yoga has positively affected my life in subtle and not so subtle ways:

1) I am a much happier person (usually) after I practice.

2) Yoga introduced me to India. And some pretty amazing yoga teachers. And the Yoga Sutras and the Gita. And Sanskrit. And Hindu gods and goddesses such as Ganesha and Kali. Jai! And the positive effects lululemon wunder unders. Hell, even my husband, is thrilled with that discovery.

3) Practicing yoga in a group setting, whether it is at one of my local studios or in Times Square during the Summer Solstice (I am so very excited to participate again on Friday) or during a jam packed class at the Yoga Journal Conference, makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger than me, a community, a sangha, even if I never see these people again.

4) Yoga has taught me about santosha, aka, contentment. I do my best to incorporate ahimsa, the act of non-violence through my thoughts, words and deeds in my life. I try to cultivate the practice of non-attachment (and it’s hard. Really, really hard). Learning about karma, spending hours discussing karma during my yoga teacher training, changed the way I viewed life. Karma makes sense to me (most of the time). Yoga has provided me some guidelines, or the yamas and niyamas, as a way to live a happier life. I grew up believing in the 10 Commandments but the yamas and niyamas just feel different to me. 

5) Yoga has also aided in my self realization. Despite my attempts to practice non-attachment, I am attached to certain “spots” in a yoga class, mainly being towards the back and against the wall. I often force myself to be in the front but still against the wall. I need to slowly work myself to practice sandwiched between other students (gasp). My mind often wanders during yoga class. I compare myself to others. Yoga has made it clear to me that I have tight hamstrings but strong shoulders and I can get into crow. 

Yoga has probably affected me in more ways than I even realize. Does it even matter, though? Yoga makes me feel good. It helps keep me calm and sane. Everything else is just icing on the cake.


The Letter

The Letter

My friend Michele passed away two years ago. She left a 6 year old daughter, Rachel. Rachel and my youngest daughter Alessandra were in the same preschool class one year.

I sent Reiki (energy healing) to Michele dozens and dozens of times throughout her illness. I visited her at the hospital. I was there the evening Michele passed. I promised myself, and Michele’s sister Diane, that I would write a letter to Rachel. It’s been two freaking years and still no letter. Until this afternoon.

I’ve written the letter hundreds of times in my head. Over and over and over. But I could just not muster the ability to sit down and actually write it. Last week I emailed Diane, who is raising Rachel, to make sure they were at the same address.  She sent me photos of Rachel. She looks so gorgeous. Just like her Mom.

I don’t know what inspired me to sit down today to write the letter. Was it because yesterday was Mother’s Day? All I know is that I wrote 3 pages front and back to Rachel. I told her how much her mother loved her. How her mother worried about her and wanted to be there for her as she grew up. How I heard her mothers voice call “Rachel, Rachel, Rachel” as she was making her transition out of this realm.

I cried yesterday as I thought about Michele and Rachel. I missed my Mom on Mother’s Day and my heart ached for Michele and Rachel. I know Rachel is surrounded by her family who absolutely adore her and would climb over mountains (and trust me, they are) for her. I know this. My tears are for me and for them and for everyone who has left us too soon.

Spring Is In The Air

Even though it’s been snowing and freezing this week, apparently Spring is still approaching on Wednesday. I’m aching for warmer temperatures and sunshine. I definitely feel the winds of transformation. I’m itching for something new, starting with this blog. I cannot believe I started this blog in 2008!  I need an update asap.


I have attached a photo of my friends and I crossing a river in India. I’m ready to cross whatever may come my way this Spring.



My Big Reveal

I have lived with Type 1 diabetes for over 29 years. I have never, ever written about it before. Until now.

I would appreciate it so very much if you read this article where I wrote about my fears of traveling to India as a Type 1 Diabetic. This article reveals what happened on the trip.

I can’t seem to stop writing about my spiritual pilgrimage to India. This piece was just published today.

I never saw myself writing personal essays. I considered myself an investigative journalist. However, I really do enjoy writing them. Well, frankly, I enjoy reading people’s comments after they’ve read my articles. I share my articles on Facebook and then friends post comments. Then they share the link with their friends.

My husband posted the link to my article on his status. Three of his friends posted these comments:

“Great that is what this is what I’m trying to get through to my clients Fit U Into Your Schedule. I’m sharing this article hope you don’t mind.”
“Bravo! Great article. I am going to forward this to my wife…she needs to read this…I think it can change her world.”
“This is an outstanding article Judie! This should be an inspiration to other Moms to follow their dreams and I am glad that Marco is supportive of your adventures. Keep the updates coming because these messages are fuel for men as well since we too have dreams.”
When I read these comments, it makes me feel hopeful that I am making a difference in this world.

Manifesting with the Full Moon

I love the moon.  I love writing down new moon wishes. I’ve written a lot about manifesting with the new moon so if you would like to read more, please do a search. You’ll find lots of goodies.

I also love looking at the beauty of the full moon. However, I’ve always looked at the new moon as the ideal time to manifest. Well, I do manifest (aka make my dreams come true) all the time, but I had the new moon up on a pedestal.  I felt that full moons generally make people act crazy and are best reserved for letting things go, ie, giving up a bad habit.

However, a few days ago as the full moon approached,  I started to question my beliefs. If I felt such a draw to the full moon, why not use it as a time to create, make a wish or set an intention?

A quick google search uncovered that a lot of people use the the energy and power of the full moon to manifest. I especially loved this article and this one.

So, I decided I was going to switch things up.  Continue reading