Manifesting With The New Moon


I’m a big fan of writing down new moon wishes. Most of us are probably aware of the full moon. We see her beauty in the sky. We may have noticed our emotions become more heated around the full moon, or that babies are born around the full moon or that our kids and family act crazy. Two weeks later, there’s a new moon. Full moon is a time of completion, letting go and releasing. The new moon is the time of planting seeds, making wishes and watching them unfold.

I have been writing down new moon wishes for years. If you google, you will come up with a lot of information. I always turn to astrologer Jan Spiller for both the new and full moon information. I am so passionate about the new moon that I wanted to share with you some things that I have found helpful when using the new moon energy to make your dreams come true.

Here are my Top 10 Tips on Writing New Moon Wishes

1)   Handwrite your wishes on a piece of paper. I keep a new moon wish notebook. It’s fun to read over my past wishes and see how many have come true. Of course there are some wishes I’m still waiting to manifest.

2)   You should write down 2-10 wishes. Astrologers say not to write down more than 10 since the energy may disperse. I usually write 10 but there are times when I have written more. ***Update*** I ended up adding another wish to my list so this month, so far, I have written 11 wishes. 

3)   If something is very important to you, write the wish in more than one way. (Refer to Jan Spiller’s New Moon Astrology book for more information).

4)   I always end my list with “This or something even better is manifesting in my life today for my best and highest good. It is done, it is done, it is done. And so it is. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

5)   It’s very important to know exactly at what time the new moon is since timing is everything when it comes to writing your wishes. There are astrological aspects called balsamic moon and void of course moon. The moon is not at her “best” so it’s best to avoid writing wishes at that time.

6)   The best time to write your wishes are the first 8 hours after the new moon. But the first 48 hours still work. (Again, refer to Jan Spiller’s site for the exact timing).

7)   I like to read my wishes out loud to make sure they feel good to me. And, it also adds an extra something something. If you write a wish and change your mind, or it doesn’t feel good, cross it out.

8)   I like to add the words “easily and effortlessly” and “today” in every wish. I’m not patient. I want my wishes to manifest fast and also in the easiest way possible. Does it always happen that way? No, but I like to put it out there. *** Update*** I decided to reread my wishes before I began chanting to Shiva. I realized that I didn’t like how the word “today” made my wishes sound so I crossed it out and wrote “every day.” 

9)   It’s a good idea to consider what sign the new moon is in every month. The first new moon in March falls in Pisces. According to Jan Spiller’s book, Pisces rules imagination, inner happiness, psychic sensitivity, trusting our intuition, spiritual healing, compassion and releasing helplessness. Pisces also rules self destructive habits or behaviors, drinking, food, criticizing others or ourselves, or procrastination.

You may want to consider writing wishes on these issues. I also like to find out what astrological house the new moon is hitting (I have a chart on For example, this new moon hits my 4th house. 4th house rules family and home. I made sure to write down a few wishes that related to my children, husband and home.

10) Have faith and have fun writing the wishes!

There are two new moons in March. This is very rare! The best time for writing down wishes for the new moon in Pisces is Saturday March 1st 3:00 a.m until midnight, Sunday March 2nd 12:01 am-6:03 am, 10:41 am until midnight, and Monday, March 3rd, 12:01 am- 3:00 am. Writing your wishes the first 8 hours after the new moon while avoiding the void of course moon, is the best time to write your wishes.

The second new moon is in Aries and arrives on March 30th. This new moon is very special because it arrives after the Spring Equinox. Jan Spiller talks about creating a treasure map or vision board on the new moon in Aries. I highly recommend doing that!

May all your dreams and wishes come true for your best and highest good today. Please keep me posted. I would love to hear from you and your experience with writing new moon wishes. Namaste.


Manifesting with the Full Moon

I love the moon.  I love writing down new moon wishes. I’ve written a lot about manifesting with the new moon so if you would like to read more, please do a search. You’ll find lots of goodies.

I also love looking at the beauty of the full moon. However, I’ve always looked at the new moon as the ideal time to manifest. Well, I do manifest (aka make my dreams come true) all the time, but I had the new moon up on a pedestal.  I felt that full moons generally make people act crazy and are best reserved for letting things go, ie, giving up a bad habit.

However, a few days ago as the full moon approached,  I started to question my beliefs. If I felt such a draw to the full moon, why not use it as a time to create, make a wish or set an intention?

A quick google search uncovered that a lot of people use the the energy and power of the full moon to manifest. I especially loved this article and this one.

So, I decided I was going to switch things up.  Continue reading

Back to Har

I’m in a meditating rut. I haven’t been motivated to meditate or even chant. My chant to Kali waned within days.

Over the weekend, I had a staff meeting/holiday party at Shakti Yoga, the yoga studio where I teach my kids yoga class. One of the teachers led us in a Har meditation for prosperity for the studio. I blogged about my experience with this meditation here and there. This time, the meditation felt different. I think it was because we chanted Har much slower. This time we chanted to the cd that comes in the Kundalini Transformation Kit: Yoga & Mantras for Prosperity. This version was much slower.

When I came home from the party, I placed an order for the book and cd. It should arrive today. I’ve decided that I am going to take on this 40 day meditation and begin tomorrow, on the new moon. I don’t remember if this will be my 3rd or 4th time.

I was told that we should be specific with our desires but also be careful what we wish for. I know for sure that I would like more students in my kids yoga class at Shakti. I would like prosperity and abundance with happiness and friendships.

I can’t wait to see what happens.

Holy Full Moon!

On Sunday night, right before bed, I read the December issue of Yoga Journal Magazine.  On page 49, there’s an article titled Out With The Old by Sally Kempton. (Side note, this article also appeared online but the print version is more extensive). As I read the article, I felt something shift inside of me. I was very excited. The author uses a technique called recapitulation every New Years Eve, but I wanted to do it sooner. There is a full moon lunar eclipse on Wednesday. I wanted to do some sort of ritual using the moon’s energy. Tuesday night was perfect since my husband was going to be away and I would have privacy.

So what is recapitulation? The author described it as “a formal looking back at the greatest hits and flops of your recent past. In this process, you bring to mind any baggage you’re carrying and anything that could subtly be standing in your way of your intention.”

As I read the article, I started jotting down notes. I wanted to be sure I knew what to do. As I wrote, I added a few things that felt good to me. This is what I came up with, most of which came directly from the article:  Continue reading