Flash Mob Meditation


This afternoon, my friend Rita organized a flash mob meditation scene in the middle of downtown South Orange. Last week I wrote how I have recommitted to my meditation practice. I have meditated every morning for 20 minutes. I have been able to get a second 20 minute meditation in a handful of times. Today was one of those afternoons.

I will admit I thought it was going to be challenging to mediate in public. And I was right! I had to let go of the outside sounds. I heard people walking by. I heard cars honking. I heard the construction workers with jackhammers a few feet away from us. I heard people approaching Rita and asking her what was going on. However, there were also moments when I was deep in meditation only to “come out” when a very loud noise awoke me.

As the minutes passed, these outside sounds became quiet. In fact, the sounds helped me go deeper in mediation. It’s “easy” to meditate in my quiet room on my cushion in front of my altar. Meditating outside in the midst of a busy afternoon is an entirely different experience.

Thank you Rita for creating this experience for myself and the other meditators. It was amazing to see people meditating for the first time in their lives.


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