The Letter

The Letter

My friend Michele passed away two years ago. She left a 6 year old daughter, Rachel. Rachel and my youngest daughter Alessandra were in the same preschool class one year.

I sent Reiki (energy healing) to Michele dozens and dozens of times throughout her illness. I visited her at the hospital. I was there the evening Michele passed. I promised myself, and Michele’s sister Diane, that I would write a letter to Rachel. It’s been two freaking years and still no letter. Until this afternoon.

I’ve written the letter hundreds of times in my head. Over and over and over. But I could just not muster the ability to sit down and actually write it. Last week I emailed Diane, who is raising Rachel, to make sure they were at the same address.  She sent me photos of Rachel. She looks so gorgeous. Just like her Mom.

I don’t know what inspired me to sit down today to write the letter. Was it because yesterday was Mother’s Day? All I know is that I wrote 3 pages front and back to Rachel. I told her how much her mother loved her. How her mother worried about her and wanted to be there for her as she grew up. How I heard her mothers voice call “Rachel, Rachel, Rachel” as she was making her transition out of this realm.

I cried yesterday as I thought about Michele and Rachel. I missed my Mom on Mother’s Day and my heart ached for Michele and Rachel. I know Rachel is surrounded by her family who absolutely adore her and would climb over mountains (and trust me, they are) for her. I know this. My tears are for me and for them and for everyone who has left us too soon.


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