Just Do It


My meditation teacher was in town this past weekend. I first learned her meditation technique, which she calls Vedic Meditation, about two years ago. I was given a mantra and am supposed to meditate 20 minutes a day, twice a day, before breakfast and in the evening. I was into it for a few weeks, maybe longer, maybe less. I don’t really remember. But along the way, I lost my way. Granted, in the meantime, I did other forms of meditation, like japa meditation, where you use a mala to keep track of your mantra, sort of like rosary beads. Other times I simply sat in silence and focused on my breath. Other times, I gave myself Reiki and considered that my meditation.

However, I also thought that perhaps I would make better progress (I’m not sure exactly what sort of progress I’m talking about) if I picked one form of meditation and stuck with it longer than a week or two or 40 days.

My teacher held a meditation refresher course for her previous students. It was great to meditate with 12 others and it inspired me to resume this practice. And so, I begin anew. For the past three days, I have meditated for 20 minutes every morning. I have not yet been able to get in that second meditation. I suspect whoever came up with that practice was not raising two children. Or, maybe that’s just my excuse? I’m not going to beat myself up for it. While I can certainly see the benefit of mediating twice a day, I’m going to appreciate the fact that I’m doing it once a day.

Do you meditate? Do you follow a certain practice?  I’d love to hear about it.

ETA: I just did my second meditation of the day. In a waiting room surrounded by people. It was bizarre! I was a bit self conscious; I bet everyone thought I was sleeping! I would go into a trance of sorts and then I would hear a baby cry or someone talking near me and I would “wake up.” I managed to get to 17 minutes, 30 seconds until I had to go, but at least I got close!!


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