Read It and Believe It

A few weeks ago, I blogged about a group of kids that I teach. I think about these kids all the time. Honestly, I think about all the kids that I teach all the time. I spend a ton of time online, searching blogs and websites to get ideas and things to do in my yoga classes. I buy books and props to use in my classes. I’m always on the lookout on how I can best serve my students.

I am really enjoying the Nurture Affirmation cards. The kids love looking at the pictures and try to read the affirmations on their own. The other morning, my daughters and I picked out a card for ourselves. It was a fun way to start the day.

I told the creator of the cards, Roxanne, that she should create affirmation stickers to go along with the cards. I’ve been craving a way to give the kids a take away, something they can have for the rest of the day. This morning, as I was preparing to teach, I thought of purchasing tattoo markers.

I gave each child a card and we took turns reading each card out loud. Then I told them that I was going to write one word on their hand with a tattoo marker. As you can imagine, this was a big hit! I had only intended to write down one word that was on the card on each student, but then one child asked for two words, then three words, so I ended up writing three words on each child. I wrote words like love, helpful, and courage.

The children told me they were never going to wash their hands or arms. One child said he wanted to keep the words on his arm to remember me. I just hope they  know and feel love, helpful and courage.






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