More Than Words

nurture cards

I’ve been teaching yoga to children for nearly two years. I never imagined myself in this position and yet here I am, doing my best to serve my students. My intention when I teach kids is to get them to smile. It sounds easy, doesn’t it?  But that’s not always the case.

I teach four classes a week to children who have suffered trauma and now demonstrate severe emotional and behavioral issues. Most, if not all, do not live with both of their biological parents. Some are adopted but aren’t aware of that. Some have one or both of their parents incarnated. Some have been expelled or suspended from school at age 5. Most of my kids can’t sit still. They will tell me “Miss Judie, I can’t help myself. I can’t stop moving.” Of course sweetheart, I think, this is not your fault.

I do my best to introduce props, songs, books, whatever I can to brighten their day. I bring in my Tibetan healing bowl. I bring in essential oils and crystals. I give out coloring sheets and stickers.

I recently entered a contest to win a deck of Nurture Cards: Affirmation Cards for Children. OMazing Kids is an AMAZING website with fabulous resources for anyone who works with children. OMazing Kids offers contests on what seems like on a daily basis. I am so grateful to them!!!

I was SO HAPPY to have won the contest. Even though the cards were shipped from Australia, they arrived very quickly. I was able to use them in my classes this afternoon. I put a card on each mat. Most of the kids do not know how to read but the ones that did took pride in reading the affirmations. I read every single affirmation. As I expected, the kids loved the cards.

Some of the affirmations were “I love myself for all that I am” and “I enjoy doing my very best in all that I do” and “I am happy to forgive the people that I love.” When one of the students got that card, we spoke about forgiveness. It was such a sweet conversation.

I wish I could show you every card! I especially love how the cards feature faces of all different skin tones. I have used yoga cards with these kids before and they once asked me how come none of the kids in the cards had brown skin. Hmm, good question! Now I specifically search for cards that have all skin colorings.

Thank you Angela at OMazing Kids and Roxanne from Nurture Cards. The world is a better place because of you.


6 thoughts on “More Than Words

  1. Wow! I cried when I read your post. The cards ended up in great hands & will touch many kids lives. This is why I go through all the work it takes to host a giveaway….. it’s an opportunity to help plant seeds ❤

  2. Angela, I too would like to thank you I was one of the winners of the Nurture cards. I have never won anything and was so excited to receive my Nurture Cards. I am looking forward to using them.

  3. Kym, thank you so much for posting your comment. Please let us know about your experience with the cards. I can’t wait to hear how your students react.

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