May Your Wish Come True

I had a yoga filled weekend. I attended 3 classes at the Yoga Journal Conference . I also participated in a Manifestation Yoga Workshop led by Jennifer Pastiloff. The class was described as “a combination of yoga, writing and manifesting excercises that connects the mind and body.”

That’s exactly what it was. Jen led us through asanas combined with introspection, affirmations, laughs and tears. One of the first things that we did was write a wish on a sticky note. We placed the notes all around the room. After we meditated on our wish, imagining our wish already here, Jen asked us to pick someone’s else’s wish and place it on our hearts. I picked this one:


I can’t get this person’s wish out of my mind. I don’t know who wrote it and I probably never will. I so want this wish to come true for her (I can confidently say her because there was only one man in the room but I could be wrong).

I think, though, one main reason why this wish resonates with me is that I am living this wish. This wish is my reality. I am so lucky to live with an amazing life partner. My husband is a great husband, father, person in general. Despite the piles of laundry, the cleaning, the driving to soccer practices and art classes, I know that I am living my dream. So many of my hopes and dreams have come true. I hope the same happens for everyone who took the class, especially the person who wrote this wish.


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