Cold Be Gone!



My husband has been coughing for over a month. My 9 year old was sick with a fever a few weeks ago. Then my younger daughter came down with a fever, cough and general blahness. I patted myself on the back because for the first time since I can remember, I had not gotten sick at all over the winter. In past years, I’ve had colds and stomach viruses; I blame my daughters. I’ve also dealt with bronchitis and even walking pneumonia; I blame grief for those illnesses.

Even though part of me felt it was inevitable that I would come down with something since someone was constantly coughing on me, I also thought that yoga, meditation and my positive thoughts would shield me from the germs. Alas, I was mistaken. I started sneezing like a maniac, blowing my nose and coughing.

A friend on Facebook, who has been sick for weeks, posted a photo of a jar of honey that she purchased at Whole Foods. A friend of hers shared that she liked to mix the honey with tumeric. I had completely forgotten that trick! Whenever I start to feel itchiness in my throat, I immediately mix tumeric with honey. I use Raw Manuka Honey since I’ve read it has medicinal powers. I place a bit on my tongue and push it to my throat. I let it sit there for as long as I can before swallowing.

I think the key is to start this the minute you start to feel something coming on. Even though I already felt like the cold had set it, I mixed it up and ate a bit throughout the day. I am already starting to feel better. The cough has lessened and the sneezing has dramatically decreased. I’m also getting more sleep and taking it easy. I hope to be back on my mat tomorrow morning.

Do you have any secrets on how to nip a cold in the bud?  Please share!



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