Hooked On A Feeling

Have you ever heard something that you have heard before but it was as if it was the very first time you’ve heard it? That happened to me this last week. I retook a Reiki Level II class with my teacher Andrea. During the class, we discussed how to use Reiki to manifest and empower our wishes. One of the students mentioned her goal to go to the gym more often. Andrea questioned the wish underneath her wish. How would she feel if she went to the gym more often?

She replied that she would feel stronger, healthier and fit. Andrea advised to create that intention: “I am strong, healthy and fit.”

I’ve been mulling this concept over in my mind ever since. Over and over and over. It’s not the first time I’ve heard this. Focus on the feeling underneath your wish. To use my friend’s example, if she focused on feeling strong, healthy and fit, she may decide to go to the gym more often, or make healthier food choices or go to bed earlier or….you get the idea. There are many, many ways for her to achieve her wish. It’s way more than just going to the gym more often.

I thought about how this related to my own wishes.


One of the wishes that I have been focused on most recently is attending the Yoga Journal Conference, Kripalu and Wanderlust. My wish underneath this wish is to feel part of a yoga community. I love practicing with a ton of other yogis. I love the energy, the vibe, the feeling of joy that fills my heart.

I realized that I get that feeling when I’m practicing in the yoga classes that I take nearly every single day! I much prefer taking classes rather than a home practice because I love being surrounded by other yogis. When I realized that, everything changed. As long as I am aware and mindful of how I’m feeling when I take a yoga class, I am reminded that I am manifesting my wish. I’ve been doing that at every yoga class ever since my revelation. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made for me.

Of course I still really, really want to go to Kripalu. I still want to go to Wanderlust. Or maybe I will go to another, yet to be seen, yoga festival. But in the meantime, I’m very happy and quite content since my wish has already come true.

What about you? What is your wish underneath your wish?


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