Are You Living Your Dharma?


One of my favorite yoga studios, South Mountain Yoga, has organized a book club. The Great Work of Your Life is about finding your true calling, aka, your dharma. I’m on page 165 out of 256. I am loving this book! In the past, I’ve often questioned if I was living my life’s true calling. I constantly second guessed myself which drove me crazy. However, as I’ve gotten older, these thoughts have slowed down. Right now, I’m pretty confident that my dharma is being a mother, wife, a kids yoga teacher and a Reiki Practitioner.

What has been evolving is my dharma as a writer. I’ve started to feel a shift. I can’t quite pinpoint what is going on or even put my feelings into words. I just feel like something is changing. I’m excited to see what manifests this Spring.


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