Spring Is Here!

Well, not really. While I have seen crocus sprouting on lawns, I have also seen snowflakes fall on the crocus. I know that spring is coming!

I have been lucky to have taken a few yoga classes this week. Nearly every teacher spoke about the approaching spring equinox. One teacher asked us to set an intention on what we want to plant this spring, what do we want to manifest. I panicked since nothing immediately came to mind. I do want to attend Wanderlust . I really, really want to go! I even have it on my vision board. But while attending Wanderlust is a wish, is it an intention? (PS, since I’m sharing my wishes and the Universe is always listening, I also want to point out that I want to visit Kripalu for at least 3 nights. Thank you).

This particular teacher is simply great. It’s no fault of hers that for the rest of the class, (yes, I did focus on my breath whenever I remembered and I tried as best as I could to remain present), I kept on thinking about my spring intention. What is it that I want to manifest?  What can I let go that no longer serves my highest good?

At the same time, my other Self was saying “screw intentions! Why do you need to always have goals? Have you forgotten your mantra, Just Be?!?!?”

So that’s where I’m at.


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