My Big Reveal

I have lived with Type 1 diabetes for over 29 years. I have never, ever written about it before. Until now.

I would appreciate it so very much if you read this article where I wrote about my fears of traveling to India as a Type 1 Diabetic. This article reveals what happened on the trip.

I can’t seem to stop writing about my spiritual pilgrimage to India. This piece was just published today.

I never saw myself writing personal essays. I considered myself an investigative journalist. However, I really do enjoy writing them. Well, frankly, I enjoy reading people’s comments after they’ve read my articles. I share my articles on Facebook and then friends post comments. Then they share the link with their friends.

My husband posted the link to my article on his status. Three of his friends posted these comments:

“Great that is what this is what I’m trying to get through to my clients Fit U Into Your Schedule. I’m sharing this article hope you don’t mind.”
“Bravo! Great article. I am going to forward this to my wife…she needs to read this…I think it can change her world.”
“This is an outstanding article Judie! This should be an inspiration to other Moms to follow their dreams and I am glad that Marco is supportive of your adventures. Keep the updates coming because these messages are fuel for men as well since we too have dreams.”
When I read these comments, it makes me feel hopeful that I am making a difference in this world.

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