Crystals and Oils

Lately I have been on a big crystal kick. Huge. I feel like I need an intervention. That’s how I am though. When I am interested in something, I dive right in and go a little crazy.

I recently discovered someone who seems to know a lot about crystals. Her name is Hibiscus Moon. Check out her post on getting to know your crystals. Interestingly enough, despite having all these new crystals, I keep on going back to the same one. A few days ago I purchased a sodalite worry stone. It’s a worry stone due to it’s shape. It’s smooth and feels very comfortable  in my hands. I can’t seem to get it out of my hands! Unfortunately, my other new crystals are going unloved. Oh well. I know they are there and waiting for me 🙂

I even purchased a few pieces of rough rose quartz and have been giving them away to people. Actually, that’s not true. My daughters have been giving them to friends and even their teachers! I’ve been carrying a piece to give to someone but it hasn’t happened yet. However, I did give a piece of smooth rose quartz to my Reiki client on Monday 🙂 I want to share my love!

My other obsession are Young Living Essential Oils. I have been a member (I think that is what I am) of these oils for a few years. I love Joy and Peace & Calming. I use Peace & Calming a lot, especially when I teach kids yoga. I need it! I wish I could drink it up. I sometimes give my students each a few drops in their hands. They love it too.

However, my interest in these oils has stepped up a notch. Well, more like a foot or two. I’ve joined a Facebook Group for Young Living Oils members. I love community! I also love learning how others use their oils. I’m very excited to use them even more.

For example, my older daughter Sofia has a hard time falling asleep. We’ve been experimenting with different oils, trying to find one that works. She’s been asking for them!

I’m realizing, like what HB’s says about getting to know crystals  I have to do the same with my oils. I have to try new ones and experiment. At this very moment, I have a bottle of Frankincense open next to me. This oil, according to the website,  is “useful for visualizing, improving one’s spiritual connection, and centering, it has comforting properties that help focus the mind and overcome stress and despair”. One thing is for sure. It is clearing up my sinuses!


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