Trying New Things

I like having a routine. However, as a yoga teacher, I often find myself out of my routine and into new situations. I sub often. I say yes to different teaching opportunities. I tend to say yes a lot and then freak out later. How the hell am I going to do whatever it is I agreed to do.

For example, I agreed to teach a 6 week yoga series to a 4th grade class in my town’s school district. As the date grew closer, I began to freak out. My husband was really confused as to why I was so nervous. I am a certified kids yoga teacher. I teach multiple classes every week. I even have a daughter in 4th grade! I explained that I’m used to teaching younger kids. This, to me, felt different. And I was nervous.

I did my research, read books, scoured online blogs, referred back to my multiple teaching manuals and came up with a lesson plan. Nevertheless, I was very, very nervous and anxious before I taught my first class. You know what happened? It went very well! The kids were awesome. The teacher loved the class. Some of the kids didn’t participate or pay attention but I was ok with that.

Turns out that I knew exactly what to do. I felt confident. I had so much fun.

I taught the second class today. I feel like I have a little fan club. A few of the girls approached me to tell me they liked my shirt and my socks. That they did sun salutations at home. One said she was thinking of becoming a Buddhist.

I’m so glad I said yes to this opportunity.


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