Timing Is Everything

The theme of timing has been running through my life these past few weeks.  A month ago while I was at Omega, I interviewed Sadie Nardini. I asked her about one of my own problems: getting a good time slot at a studio. Her response: “If you can’t get a good time slot, then create your own studio. Teach at a church or at a friend’s apartment. Put up flyers. Spread the word about your class to anyone and everyone.”

I came home on Sunday. On Monday, a friend of mine emailed me.  She titled it “Crazy Idea.”  She had taken a few of my classes when I subbed at one of the local yoga studios and had been waiting for me to get a spot.  Her crazy idea was for me to teach a class out of my home or hers. I said yes! After all, I was freshly inspired by Sadie. My friend and I got the ball rolling and within a few days, I had 6 students.

During that time, I ran into another friend of mine, Rita. I excitedly told her about my friend’s crazy idea and how it was all unfolding. She gave me a weird look and said something along the lines of “Excuse me, didn’t I give you that idea a week or two ago?”

Seriously. Rita and I had recently spoken about my desire to teach at a local studio and my challenge to get a spot. She did mention the idea of teaching out of my home or looking into another space to rent. However, when she mentioned that idea, my mind immediately said “no, not gonna happen. I want to teach at a studio.” Yet, within a matter of days, my mindset changed.

A few weeks ago, I was asked to be on a panel for women who had started their own business. I was going to be on the “newbie” side.

The other newbie didn’t seem so new to me.  She had a website and seemed a lot more official than me.  I had been thinking of starting a website for a very long time, but wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted. After being on the panel, I really felt inspired to do something. I came across a yoga teacher’s website who coaches yoga teachers and helps create their websites. Interesting, huh?  I’m still researching and gathering information, but I feel excited because I’m on my way.  It just feels like the right time.

What do you think about timing?



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