India, Here I Come!

A few months ago, I wrote how my trip to India had been cancelled. Since then, I found a new trip, booked my tickets and secured my visa. I will be heading to India on September 30th and will be there until October 13th. Om. My. God!!!!

I got together with some friends last night and they asked me if I was excited about my trip. Hmm, hell no. I am scared sh#tless! I’m also sad that the trip is approaching so quickly. What can I say? I really enjoy the anticipation of this trip. I feel deranged in thinking that pretty soon my trip will have already happened. It will be a memory.

I’m crazy, right? I mean seriously! This is a trip of a lifetime. I should be on cloud nine. Except I’m not. I have a big pit in my stomach thinking about what to pack, worried that I won’t pack the right things, worried that I will get the Delhi Belly and all sorts of things.

I’m sure I will have a transformational experience. I’m sure I will have a great time. I know a huge part of my anxiety and nervousness is the feeling that I haven’t done anything to prepare for this trip. Yes, I have my tickets, visa and shots. However, I need to start packing my toiletry bag and what luggage will I bring? I need to find a duffle bag to pack all the goodies I assume I will purchase. I need to figure out what clothes I will wear. Raghunath, oh, yes, I am traveling to India with Raghunath, suggested we just bring a few things and shop while we’re there. I also want to purchase a few oils from Young Living. And some powerful insect repellant spray.

I’m sure once I start doing a few things, I will start feeling better. I hope. Wish me luck!


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