Home Sweet Home

I woke up feeling a bit antsy this morning. On edge. I don’t like feeling this way. Perhaps I’m still feeling the energy of the full moon.  The more I looked into my feeling, the more I realized it was the feeling as if something was going to happen. Ever have that feeling? Except I don’t know where it’s coming from. I have no idea what’s going to happen.

I decided to practice yoga. Even though I love practicing in a studio, being surrounded by the great energy, today I felt like practicing at home.  I told my family I was practicing. I took out my mat and lit my incense. Usually the studios where I practice don’t light incense so this made me happy. I put on a new playlist that I put together last week. I was already in bliss. I started with a few seated cat/cows, moved on to sun salutations and  pigeon. I tried to do Camel but it hurt so I stopped.  I did headstand against the wall for about 30 seconds. It also didn’t feel good. I checked my blackberry a few times.

I decided to end my practice with a long savasana.  I took out a bunch of crystals. I put a rose quartz on my heart and held labradorite in each hand. I realized the music was too loud so I got up and lowered the volume. After all, this was my practice in my home and I could do whatever I wanted. It was heaven.

What makes me stay away from a home practice is thinking that I need to practice for at least 60, 75, or 90 minutes. Yet, I know that even one downdog is a practice. I need to remember that.

I feel so much calmer now. Mission accomplished.


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