More Wishes Came True

I’ve written before on the incredible results I’ve had with my vision board. This past weekend, two more wishes came true.

On my board, I have photos/ads that I cut out that feature India, Omega and Kripalu. However, I also knew going to all three places in one year probably wouldn’t happen. I emailed my spiritual book club with my thoughts, how I felt guilty wanting to go to all three places and that I couldn’t imagine it even happening. Honestly, I really wanted to go to Omega, since I had visited Kripalu two years ago. One of my book club members wrote back saying to let go of the how and when. If it made me happy, to leave all three on my board. I decided to take her advice.

Last month, while reading, I saw a banner ad about the Being Yoga Conference at Omega. When I saw the date, I gasped. It was the weekend when my husband was going to be in Florida to bring our girls home from visiting his parents. I would be home alone the entire weekend. I could actually go to Omega and not feel any guilt for being away from my family. Om. My. God.

I posted the link to the conference on Facebook and asked if anyone wanted to go with me. A friend, another yoga teacher who I had met during my training, wrote that she needed a break and wanted to go. Now I had a roommate and someone to keep me company in the car.

Plans were beginning to quickly fall into place. Then, something completely unexpected happened. I wondered if I could write about my experience. I reached out to the editors at elephantjournal and also the public relations contact at Omega. Within a week or two, I had a press pass. This trip was unfolding in a manner even better than I ever thought possible.

But wait, it gets even better. Not only did I get to practice with some amazing yoga teachers, I got to interview Sadie Nardini. She is one cool chic and yoga teacher.

You will be reading more about my experience at Omega when my essay gets posted, but I will reveal that I had an amazing, wonderful time. I loved every second of it.  Omega has created a beautiful and supportive yoga community.

When I returned home, though, I got another surprise. I lovingly looked at my vision board. I had an ad for the Yoga Journal Conference that was held last April. In this ad, there was a photo of Seane Corn and Shiva Rea. I was able to take their class back in April. The ad also featured a photo of Sharon Gannon and David Life. I wasn’t able to take their class at the Yoga Journal Conference but I took their class at the Omega Conference!

When I saw their photo, I literally burst out laughing. I had completely forgotten that they were in the ad on my vision board. In fact, it was a last minute decision on my part to switch a class in order to take their class.

I am truly amazed at how everything on my board has manifested. The last “big” wish is to get published in a national woman’s (health) magazine. I know it will happen. I cannot wait to see how it does!


2 thoughts on “More Wishes Came True

  1. Ruth, wow, thank you so much writing. Where are you thinking of doing your training? Best of luck and please keep us posted!! Judie

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