Mercury Retrograde

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably have read my posts on the new moon. I don’t know that much about astrology but I do love the new and full moon. I’m also aware of Mercury Retrograde. Merc Retro happens 3-4 times a year and lasts for 3 weeks. It’s supposed to be a good time to review plans, rewind activities, etc..

However, it’s also a time when mishaps occur. You show up for an appointment and the person isn’t there. Or you hit reply all by accident.

It’s also a time when electronics stop working. And, it’s also recommended not to sign contracts or make major purchases.

I really haven’t paid much attention to Merc Retro even though as a Gemini, my sign is supposed to get affected the most since Mercury is our ruling planet. That is, until a few days ago…

My MacBook stopped working. I ca hear it turn on but the screen is black. I’ve had this laptop for over 5 years. It’s not the first time it’s caused me trouble but this was bad. Really bad. I really, really need a laptop but was this a good time to buy one? I reached out to an astrologer friend to get her opinion. She urged me to wait until this period was over. It ends on August 8th by the way.

I told my Dad about my laptop and mentioned Merc Retro. He had never heard of it. The next day his main email was hacked. The server sent him a code to another email address. The other server ended up locking him out. Today he went to get his car inspected; their computer system didn’t have his car in the system for some unknown reason so he has to return another time.

Friends have mentioned experiencing similar phone problems, etc.. Coincidence?

I have made purchases during past Merc Retrospect and even, gasped, signed contracts. Everything worked out in the end. So who knows! I am waiting, though, to buy a new laptop. Just in case.


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