Guru Part II

I just came home from watching the movie Kumare: The True Story Of A False Prophet. I really enjoyed it. It also made me sad. I felt sad for the people who believed that Vikram was a guru. However, based on the movie, it seemed that Vikram wanted his “disciples” to realize that they didn’t need him or any guru. I thought that was a great lesson. He called his teachings, the Mirror philosophy. Basically, he meant that we all have answers within ourselves and when we see these gurus or leaders, we are projecting our own thoughts and beliefs onto them. At least, that is what I think he meant.

Vikram posted this article on the if you wanted to hear his thoughts. Another article appeared on He also has a website and a Facebook page. And, he was on The Colbert Report.

I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about gurus. One friend of Indian decent told me during her recent visit to India, she saw many fake gurus. Men who would dress up like swamis and would received money from tourists after they were given a blessing.

I don’t know if an authentic guru exists. Even Gandhi agrees with me. In the Autobiography of A Yogi, it says that  Gandhi’s credo stated: “I believe in the institution of Gurus, but in this age millions must go without a Guru, because it is a ratre thing to find a combination of perfect purity and perfect learning.”

What I would really love is to hear the thoughts of the people who were featured in Kumare. The disciples.  Based on what was depicted in the movie, many had positive outcomes due to their time with Kumare. I don’t want to give too much away in case you want to see it for yourself.

If anyone does see the movie, please let me know your thoughts. Do you believe in gurus? Do you think you would ever follow one?





2 thoughts on “Guru Part II

  1. Just finished watching Kumare last night. Why no one told me about the Mirror Philosophy before? That it’s one of the most effective ways “to cross the bridge to another side”? Maybe to me, one of the many, it seems effective while for others something else works. But it definitely clicked in my head. I guess that is why you have someone else (guru) to tell you what you already know to really hear and understand it. After watching Kumare, I’m more confident than ever in my inner teacher! I don’t think I would follow one after seeing this movie. All in all, it cleared and confirmed what I already believed in. I’m very thankful to Kumare. Now, practice, practice, practice:)

  2. Marina, thank you for your comment. I don’t fully remember the Mirror Philosophy. Can you please refresh my memory? I just returned from India so I’m not 100% back to reality. Thank you!

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