Happy Birthday To Me!

So, it’s official.  I’m 40 years old. A few days before my birthday someone asked me how it felt to turn 40. I took a deep breath and thought about it for a second. On one hand, turning 40 does feel a bit odd.  When I turned 30, I had been married for 6 months and living in New York City. Now, I’m a homeowner, married for 10 years and the mother of two daughters.

 On the other hand, I’m regularly told that I don’t look my age.  People look shocked when I divulge my age. It surprises me each time it happens because I can see myself aging when I look in the mirror. I don’t feel 40.  I feel 28 but only when I’m not with my children. When my girls are with me, I do feel older or like an impostor. Most times I cannot believe I’m a mother.
June 10th was my last day in my thirties. I took a yoga class led by a great teacher. She had taken a class that I was subbing at my gym, CAN DO, and she invited me to her class. I loved it. I made an appointment to get a tattoo.  Unfortunately, the artist was running behind schedule so after waiting an hour, I was told it would be best to return on Tuesday. I was a little bummed, but told myself everything happens for a reason.
Aside from people asking me how it felt to turn 40, I was also constantly asked what I planned to do for my birthday. A lot of my friends had big parties. I am not a party (for myself) kind of person. I like going to them but I didn’t want to have one for myself. My trip to India was my birthday present (still working on that ). The funny thing is that I felt pressured to have an “amazing” day.  I know I was the one giving myself this pressure.
I did have a nice day. A friend hosted a breakfast for me at her house including mimosas.  I took a class at The Bar Method (they gave me a free class since it was my birthday). I got a facial (I purchase a Living Social coupon and posted on Facebook. 3 of my friends purchased it and I got the facial for free! What a birthday!).
I had dinner with a dear friend and our kids.  Unfortunately my daughters were not on their best behavior (my younger daughter felt ignored) which led to whining. I was rather cranky when I came home and went to bed in a sour mood.  Oh well!
Yesterday I went back for my tattoo.  It took over an hour to do.  It is of the Divine Mother, one of my peeps.  It is very detailed oriented with shading. Even though this is my 3rd tattoo, I feel as if it’s my first official tattoo.  Of course I’m already thinking of what to get next.  I will wait until I visit India.  I suspect I will get inspired by something during my visit.
Overall, my 40s are treating me very well.  Bring it!

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