Hardy, Har, Har

On January 1st, I took a Kundalini Prosperity Class.  I learned a Har Meditation; my teacher said if we were to stick with one thing, she recommended Har. I blogged about it a few weeks later. My yoga classes, probably due to the warmer weather, haven’t been as well attended as in the Fall and Winter. I still have not landed a magazine writing assignment. I felt I could use some Har, however it manifests, in my life.

If you read my previous post, you know that I didn’t enjoy this 40 day mediation. I’m not enjoying it this time around either. And, I’m taking the easy route. I am not doing the breath technique, just the mudras and chanting.

My results thus far have been unimpressive. Maybe because I need to add the breath work? I did ask the teacher about the breath work and she said it was ok for me to make it my own.

Maybe I just need to be patient? The funny thing is that I don’t even remember when I started! Ugh! Actually it’s not funny. I’m annoyed at myself.  I’m going to start at April 13th but I could have started the week before. I really don’t remember.  I remember telling myself that I would remember but I forgot.

I spoke with someone who took the same class on January 1st. She said her results were wonderful and she continues to see results. However, she did more than just Har; she included other aspects that we learned in class.

None of my other friends stuck with the meditation for 40 days so I don’t know how anyone else faired. I do know that one participant in the class got a job offer that afternoon (who works on January 1st though?).  My teacher told me other people’s results, such as selling a house quickly and at a great price.

I’m trying not to get caught up in the results. It helps, a lot, to simply focus on the mantra and the mudra. Even though I’m only doing it for 3 minutes, it feels a lot longer! But if I focus on what I am actually doing, it goes by a tiny bit faster.



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