For the past few weeks, probably even longer than that if I allowed myself to think about it, I have not been meditating. I want to mediate, but I just haven’t felt like it. I have been down this road before. There have been many times when I have fallen off the meditation bandwagon, only to jump right back on it. I have told myself that when I’m ready, I will begin anew.

However, now I’m wondering if this is the right tactic this time.  Perhaps I need to force myself to just do it. I spoke with my husband today with my lack of discipline with my at home asana practice. I love taking yoga classes but I cannot take a class every day.  Yoga teachers should practice at home.  Right? At least that’s what I’ve been taught. Again, I have not committed to that. My husband said I should devote 30 minutes every day and that soon it will become a habit.

I’m trying to show compassion to myself and yet I’m also beating myself up at the same time.  Ouch!


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