Blog Brag

I wanted to share with you my latest yoga article. I titled this post Blog Brag because I feel like bragging a bit.  The two girls in the photos are my two daughters.  Alessandra turns 7 in June.  She loves yoga.  She takes two of my classes. Sofia turns 9 in May. She has taken different yoga classes, mine included, but prefers activities like soccer and karate.  Alessandra takes karate too but Sofia really loves it. I don’t hold it against Sofia 🙂

My girls have shown me a lot.  They have shown me my shadow, aka, dark side. I always thought of myself as an easy going person, until Sofia turned about 2 and started saying no, throwing tantrums and not doing what I asked her to do. I was shocked. I was a very obedient child and assumed my own children would be the same. HA! Laughs on me.

I think that is a huge aspect of parenting. Again, I always considered myself open minded but nevertheless, I had a subconscious expectation of what I expected my children to be. I once read an article that featured parents who had biological children and adopted children. One mother said that with her biological kids, she had high expectations but with her adopted children, it was great because she didn’t know what to expect so she accepted everything.

I never forgot that sentence. I keep it in mind when I start getting annoyed at their messy room or markers left on the table. What can I expect? I’m messy too 🙂


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