I’m Going To India!

I’ve felt a calling to visit India for a very long time. I’m turning 40 this year and felt I had the perfect reason to make such a trip. Every chance I get, I set the intention that I would make the trip this year. I want to visit the birthplace of yoga!

However, I had no idea what area to visit or where to begin planning such a trip. I’m not so great at these things. I turned to Facebook for help. I posted on my status and a few other FB groups with the hope that someone would help me. Friends did connect me with others but nothing panned out. I quickly began to feel frustrated (patience is something that I am working on). I was reminded of my experience a year ago when I was searching for a yoga teacher training program.

I kept on reminding myself to enjoy this part. That I needed to relax and have fun. That soon enough, I would find a tour, that soon enough I would be in India and back and wish I was still waiting to go.

A few days ago, I decided to chant to my man Ganesha. The next day, I received an answer from my post on LinkedIn (I recently joined a Yoga Teacher board and had posted there on my search for a trip to India). I’ve received a ton of responses but none felt right. However, a teacher posted a link about an upcoming retreat. When I clicked on the link, my heart skipped a beat. The description sounded exactly what I was looking for.  The trip is a lot longer than I had wanted .

I’m not 100% sure this is “it” but I’m excited nevertheless.  I know that I AM going to India, one way or the other!


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