Decisions, Decisions

I could participate in a yoga workshop or training nearly every weekend. There is so much out that interests me. Everything from anatomy to alignment to children’s yoga…I could go on and on and on. All these classes are held on the weekends. Weekends are family time to us.
I’m a mother to a 6 and 8 year old and a wife to my supportive husband. I feel very, very guilty when I take these classes on the weekends.  Last weekend, when I re-took the Reiki Level II training, Alessandra, my 6 year old asked “Why do you go away every single weekend?”  I immediately went into defense mode. “That’s not true! I’m here most weekends. Plus, who takes care of you every day?  Who gives you breakfast, packs your lunch, washes your clothes…..”  Thankfully, this only lasted for a few minutes before I took a deep breath and realized, suddenly, that she was telling me she missed me.  When I asked her, she admitted she did miss me. We hugged, talked some more and everything was fine.
However, I was still at a loss. Was there a way to balance everything?  I turned to Facebook for help. I’m in a few groups, including one that is solely for women.  I asked the members how they maintained a balance between their family life, career, and hobbies. Their responses surprised me.

Turns out that I am not the only one with this dilemma. All the members who responded could relate to what I was going through. Their answered differed, though. One member, who has grown children, brought up the fact that kids are only young once and that they need us. Another member, also with grown children, said she often missed her daughter’s sporting games because she was working but she made it up by spending one on one time with them. I appreciated her honesty.
A friend of mine said that weekends are family time and she does her best to spend that time with her family.  Another woman wrote that while weekends are her family time, she and husband will often do trades so they can each take a weekend workshop.
Everyone who posted (and there were nearly 50 responses) basically said they had to make sacrifices and come to a balance that felt good to them.
Where does that leave me? I know that I cannot take every single workshop and training. I’d go broke! And, as I mentioned, there’s the guilt factor I feel when I leave my family.  Weekends are special to us.
What has been working for me, at this very moment, is writing down all the workshops that I am interested in.  Seeing them on a single piece of paper helps me focus and get clear. As much as I want to participate in all of them, I know that I cannot do that, at least not as this time.
Then, I spend some time thinking about each class. I think about my goals. Which workshop would help me with my goal of becoming the best children and adult yoga teacher I can be.  I also remind myself that no decision I make will be wrong. And, that if I cannot take a certain workshop, it may be offered at another time.
Trust me, I feel very lucky that I have this “problem.” Whenever I get upset or resentful, I think about the alternative: not having a family at all.  That quickly shifts my perspective!
What about you?  How do you balance it all?
PS- In my yoga teacher training program, we studied with Reverend Jaganath Carrera.
He has this amazing article on how to make wise decisions.  I hope you find it as helpful as I did>

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