Can People Change?

I’ve often wondered if people could really change their true nature. Back in high school, one of my friends, G, and I would get to school early and walk around the halls. We would chat with our friends and just be seen. One day one of the nuns (I went to Catholic school) said we were being too “ostentatious.” G and I decided that we would be transform ourselves into students who came into school and sat down at their desks. We even came up with a moniker: The Quiet Ones.

The next day we were so excited to become- gasp- quiet. We sat at our desks with our books. A minute later, or maybe it was five minutes later, we looked at ourselves, laughed, shut our books and began walking around again.  We were both bookworms, straight A students but we also enjoyed chatting with our friends. Was there anything wrong with that? I think not, Sister!

I often think about that event. For whatever reason, it is imbedded in my memory. Today, I was presented with two different opportunities. One was a yoga teaching opportunity and one was a writing opportunity. Both opportunities didn’t work with my schedule.  Within seconds I had recommended different colleagues to the people who had contacted me.  It’s in my “nature” to forward leads, opportunities, etc to my friends.  I do this nearly every day. People have commented that I am always connecting people.  I can’t seem to help it.  If I see/hear/find out about something that I think may benefit or interest someone else, I feel compelled (0bsessed, even possessed) to inform that person. I cannot seem to help myself from taking those actions.

Over the years, I’ve had to learn how to balance my “nature” (seriously, I do not like getting frustrated with my daughters when they don’t listen to me) and ways that I want to transform myself (I tend to juggle a million things simultaneously). Have I succeeded? Hmm, NO! I remind myself that I am human and doing the best that I can every moment.

Will I ever be a “quiet one”?  Well, yes! Turns out that I am quiet as an adult. So, perhaps people do change?



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