Back To Basics

This weekend, I participated in my third Reiki Level 1 class.  For those of you who are not familiar with Reiki, I have posted about it here and here and, oh yeah, here.  It’s a form of energy work that uses your hands and your intention. In Reiki 1, you learn about the history of Reiki, the 7 chakras, meditation and how to give yourself and others a Reiki session.

I have been studying Reiki with Andrea Grace for the past couple of years. This was my second time taking the class with her. I was curious to see what would I learn this time around.

What came up was to take the time to treat myself, ie, give myself daily Reiki. I do give myself Reiki, but I call them “Reiki shots.” I will spend a few seconds before I mediate to call on my Reiki energy and if there is something happening that day, I will send myself Reiki for that event. However, I realized this weekend, this isn’t enough. It’s recommended to spend about 20-40 minutes a day giving oneself Reiki.

Honestly, when I realized that, I wasn’t jumping up for joy. I generally already spend about 20-30 minutes most days meditating and praying. The thought of adding something else on my to-do list didn’t excite me. Yet, I could also see the benefit of adding this to my practice.

For the past two days, I have spent about 10 minutes of giving myself Reiki.  Hey, it’s at least 9 minutes more than what I was doing! It may be too soon to notice a difference.

I also scheduled a Reiki session with Andrea for Wednesday.  While I have received other forms of energy work, it’s been a while since I have received a Reiki session.  I’m looking forward to it.



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