Peace and Quiet

Recently, I’ve felt an itch.  I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I just felt *something* was off.  One morning, I decided to think about this itch. It dawned on me that I wanted, no, needed, peace and quiet. Specifically, I needed to mediate. Quietly. The thing is, I have been meditating. Ever since January 1st, I’ve been doing a Har kirya. .

Frankly, I’m not loving it. It doesn’t feel good to me. One of my yoga teacher friends also admitted that she didn’t stick with it. I’ve seen another friend post on Facebook that she was going to try it again. And again. I’ve been keeping up with it just to see if anything changed within the 40 days. Has anything changed, you may wonder…The Har kirya is supposed to bring prosperity. When I started it, I left my intention somewhat vague. I wanted to see what would manifest. I did focus on teaching yoga, getting more students and also getting more writing assignments, specifically achieving my goal: getting published in a magazine like Self, Natural Health, Whole Living and Yoga Journal.

My results so far: the attendance at my children’s yoga class at Shakti Yoga has more than doubled. That’s about it.  Trust me, I am very, very grateful for this!  I’m still hoping to manifest an assignment from one of those magazines (or any other woman’s health magazine).  Perhaps it will happen within these next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I am listening and honoring my craving for some peace and quiet.  I’ve been taking 30 minutes every morning to sit in my meditation chair and just breathe. I am chanting to my deity, Ganesha. Then, I spend about 15-20 minutes just sitting. Praying. Asking for guidance. Listening.

And it feels so, so good.


2 thoughts on “Peace and Quiet

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