An Old Friend

A week and a half ago, I attended an amazing workshop on deities at an Anusara Yoga studio called  South Mountain Yoga. I loved it.  The speaker, Manoj Chalam, was great. I approached him after the workshop (which also included asana by a terrific teacher, Julie Margolis). During the workshop, he had mentioned that he could sometimes tell which deity, or mutri, is a person’s archetype.

I believe Ganesha is my deity. I’ve blogged about Ganesha a few times, like here and here and here. I love Ganesha. I even have an Om Ganesha tattoo. Even though I felt pretty certain that Ganesha is my mutri, I still wanted confirmation. I was shocked when I heard the answer.Just kidding. Manoj Chalam confirmed that Ganesha is my mutri.  Thank Goodness!  He recommended that I get a Ganesha statue- not just any one. He suggested I get one that had all the details, ie, Ganesha stepping on a mouse, his twisted trunk, etc..  While I do have quite a few Ganesha’s, I realized that none had all the specific details that I learned about at the workshop. I purchased one of the statues that he had bought to the workshop.

One of the things that Manoj Chalam said to do was to mediate with my eyes closed and when I was done, to open my eyes and gaze at the statue. I decided to chant my Ganesha mantra in front of the statue.

The results have been mind blowing! Every day, and I mean every freaking single day, I have been getting an email from someone with either a writing assignment or a yoga teaching opportunity.

Thank you Ganesha! Om gam ganapataye namaha!



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