On My Toes

I had a funny experience at yoga class today.  I was very excited to take the 11:15 vinyasa flow class at Shakti Yoga. Between teaching classes and writing articles (check out my latest piece), I haven’t been taking as many classes as I’d like.

The director greeted me as I entered the studio. “Are you taking class this morning?”  Yes I am! At least I thought so.

Turns out that the teacher wasn’t feeling well.  Anna asked me if I could sub. So, instead of taking a class, I led the class.  I didn’t have my music.  I didn’t have my inspirational reading materials. I hadn’t prepared a class. All I had was my voice and my thoughts.

I think it turned out well. It was a small class, 2 students.  During one Down Dog, I heard one student yelp. I got nervous and asked her if everything was ok.  She replied that her heels had never reached the floor before. Ever.  She was very happy about that.

Later, my other student commented that it was his best Tree pose ever.

I have to say, I felt it was ones of my best classes ever. I felt tuned in with my students. Probably because I didn’t have time to prepare. Or panic. I had to just to be. And it felt quite good.

Of course, my ego wants to take the credit, but I know better.


4 thoughts on “On My Toes

  1. Ha! Thank you Frayda. I thought of you as I was writing this…. By the way, Frayda is an amazing hypnotherapist. She does guided meditations, counseling, you name it, she does it and it works.

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