Yoga Blogs

I’ve always loved reading blogs.  Most recently, I’m obsessed with reading about yoga.  As a new yoga teacher, I want to learn from those who have been there, done that.

I really enjoy reading the blogs at elephantjournal. I thought this recent post titled 6 Tricks to Becoming A Better Yoga Instructor was really great. I also love Teachasana. I’ve been subbing more and more recently and this article, which talks about teaching yoga philosophy at a gym yoga class, was an insightful read.

If you have any yoga blogs to share, please do so.  Namaste!


4 thoughts on “Yoga Blogs

  1. I personally really love PeaceLoveYoga and Devil wears Prana. Their design is nice, too. The blogs at YogaJournal are really worth following as well.
    Good luck with your teachings!


  2. Andrea, I LOVE your site!!! I’m so glad you commented on this post. I enjoy PeaceLoveYoga. I have never heard of Devil Wears Prana. Thank you again for commenting on my blog. Namaste.

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