2011 New Year’s Resolutions, Goals and Wishes

This morning, I went through my emails that I have saved as drafts. I came across one that I wrote on January 6, 2011. I don’t write New Year’s Resolutions per say. Instead, I write down a list of wishes and goals. It was very interesting to re-read the list. Many of my wishes did come true. I participated in a yoga teacher training program. I furthered developed my interest in spirituality and Reiki. I am getting together with others who are interested in spirituality (mainly because I put together a spiritual book club)!

However, some of my wishes have not come true yet. For example, I have not gotten published in a major woman’s magazine. I got so close to having one of my pitches accepted at Self magazine but it didn’t happen. I haven’t pitched a health magazine in months since I got so burnt out.  This  has been a wish and goal of mine for years so it makes me sad to think it hasn’t happened yet. It’s certainly not for lack of trying.

I also hope to return to Kripalu. It doesn’t look like it will happen this year but perhaps next spring.

Of course I have other wishes that I want to keep private. Some have come true, others I’m working on.

What about your 2011 wishes?  How many have come true?


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