Who Are You?

The other day as I was getting dressed I was reminded about a conversation I had a few years ago. It was with a yoga teacher. She mentioned that some of her students commented when they saw her walking around town in non-yoga clothes. At that time, the conversation struck me as funny but now that I am teaching yoga, I can see where she was coming from. These days, when I’m wearing jeans, I feel weird. Out of sorts. Like I am not who I think I am. Which cracks me up because I certainly do not feel like a “real” yoga teacher.

Over the summer, my family and I had gone out to dinner. My husband and I were enjoying a glass of wine when I started to feel like someone was staring at me. I looked around the restaurant and spotted a family. The child looked familiar. As I took a closer look, I realized that she was one of the students in the daycare where I was teaching kids yoga.

And the mother was giving me the evil eye. I wondered why she was staring at me so intently. Was it because I was drinking?? A kids yoga teacher should not be drinking? But it was a Saturday night! Wasn’t I allowed to have some fun? All these thoughts were running through my mind as I gently pushed my wine glass away from me and closer to my husband. Which was worse? For her to see me drinking or to see my husband double fisting?

I couldn’t take it anymore. After a few minutes, I decided to walk over to say hello and to introduce myself. The mom was super friendly and she apologized for staring at me. “I knew you looked familiar but I wasn’t sure how I knew you,” she explained. Turns out the daycare had sent out an email about the yoga class and had included my photo. Ahhhh……

I happily walked back to my table and refilled my wine glass. I needed it.


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