Looking Into A Crystal Ball

Last Friday night, I went over a friend’s house. She pulled out her tarot cards and we each took turns reading each other’s fortunes. It was fun. It sparked my desire to visit a psychic. Not just any ol’ psychic. I want to see a really, really good and accurate one.

When I was a teenager, my high school friend Gia and I used to take the subway into New York City. We’d always hit a psychic. We’d ask “Are we going to get married? Will we have children?’  I don’t remember the other questions we’d ask. It was just plain old fun for us silly 16 year olds.

I’ve heard that despite the down economy, the psychic industry is still booming. That doesn’t surprise me. In troubling times, don’t we often want to hear good news?  That everything will be alright?

Another friend told me she found a really good psychic. The psychic has been accurate for her and for other friends. She’s pricey ($150) and about an hour away from where we live.

I’m tempted to see her. Will I???  Stay tuned.


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