Smell This!

Last week I got together with a few other health and wellness moms for our spiritual book club. (Side note: our book club is called Mamaste).

The host uses essential oils and I asked her to give us a quick run down on the types of oils she uses and their purpose.  She uses a brand called Young Living.  A few years ago an acquaintance of mine got into these oils too.  I purchased a starter kit. While they smelled wonderful, I just didn’t know exactly how to use them. I know lavender is supposed to be calming, but I don’t know if it ever calmed me down! Maybe I’m just a lost cause. Who knows.

However, I am very attracted to using oils and learning more about them. Since I purchased the starter kit, I am technically a distributor. But, I lost my status since it’s been so long since I have purchased any oils. I either have to purchase another starter kit or 100 PV points (whatever that means).

My friend Amy really believes in these oils and has used them in her family for years.  Now that I am a yoga teacher and a Reiki practitioner, I think it makes sense to use these oils. I wonder how children would react if I used them in the classes. A drop of lavender in their hands, rub and then smell. Would that calm them down? Or make them scream because they hated the smell?


I did


2 thoughts on “Smell This!

  1. Hi Judie, I’m starting with the oil thing, too, and loving it. About lavender for the kids, I’d start with a drop on a tissue first, that they can keep on their chest at the end, because they just may hate it and if it’s on their hands you’ll have a run for the sink!

  2. Jeannette, thank you so much for the great idea about the tissue. Last week I tried out a chocolate scented lotion. One child hated the smell and wanted to wash his hands immediately; all the kids followed suit.

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