Who Me? A Kids Yoga Teacher??

I used to joke that I wasn’t sure how I became a mother since I don’t even like kids.

That’s not really true.  How could I even figure out if liked kids if I had never been around them?  Until I had my two daughters, I didn’t have any interaction with children. Zilch. Sofia was the first diaper I had ever changed. (And she pooped all my hospital gown. I never imagined poop could project like that).

My 6 year old, Alessndra, began taking yoga classes last spring.  She loved yoga and asked why I didn’t teach kids yoga. She planted the seed. A month later, I was asked to teach a kids yoga class at a daycare. The rest is history. I am now teaching a Parent and Pea (my name for a mommy and me yoga) class at Maplewood. I also teach a yoga class for older kids at Shakti Yoga.  This weekend I took a program at Karma Kids in New York City. It was 30 hours of fun.

I didn’t know what to expect. For whatever reason, I didn’t imagine that I was going to laugh so hard that I cried. I didn’t expect to play tons of games and meet some very cool people.

I’m teaching an adult class tomorrow at Lotus Yoga Montclair; it’s a Vinyasa Basics at 11:15 if anyone wants to come. I’d love to have you. I wonder if I could bring in some laughter into an adult class. Why not?


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