Go With The Flow

We’ve all heard the phrase “go with the flow.” It sounds so lovely.

I am not one who goes with the flow. I know what I want, when I want it and I want it now. I go after my dreams and (usually) manifest what I want. Fast.

My yoga teacher training has shifted the way I think and the way I experience life. I feel like a different person. And I attribute it to going with the flow. We’re having our kitchen renovated. It’s been happening since May. At first, I was very frustrated at the slow progress but after a while, it stopped bothering me. It was really out of my control. All my friends ask me about the renovation. They comment on how stressful it must be without a kitchen and they express shock it’s taking so long. I just shrug my shoulders and say it doesn’t bother me. I feel lucky to be in this position. I haven’t had to cook all summer and I will, eventually, have a beautiful kitchen.

The other day, I taught a yoga class. Only one student showed up. This student had a medical condition. Instead of forging ahead with the lesson plan that I had put together, I took the time to speak with her and to see what she wanted. I altered my plan to fulfill her wishes.

Going with the flow can be quite good.


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