More Than Words

I’ve been writing a lot about all the physical activity that I’ve been doing. I am so loving my summer teacher training program at Lotus Yoga in Montclair. I’m also loving working out at The Bar Method in Montclair. (Side note: tomorrow is my last day there. I am soooooo sad!) I can’t lie. I love feeling (and looking) fit and strong.

However, I also work out my insides as well. I am also meditating. A lot.

And, there’s Reiki. I recently got my Level III Reiki certification from my Reiki Master, Andrea Grace, at her new studio, The Elila Center for Natural Healing. Reiki is such an amazing healing energy. As I make my way towards becoming a Master, I am giving sessions. It’s been wonderful hearing people’s reactions. (I am also trying my best not to get attached to their reactions and feedback).

Today, I had a session with Janet Straightarrow. It’s kind of hard to find words to describe Janet. She is a Healer, Shaman, Teacher, Spiritual Coach, Advisor, Confidante….The list goes on and on. She is able to read energy. My session today was in person but we’ve worked together over the phone a few times. She is so powerful that you don’t have to be in her presence for you to feel the effects. I’ve had this lingering wheeze in my chest due to an early infection. I told Janet about it a few days ago as we were scheduling the appointment. My chest began to feel better. I laughed because I knew it was Janet, even though we hadn’t seen each other.

I must have planted some amazing karma seeds to know all these amazing Healers and Energy Workers. Thank you Universe!


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