Second Time Around

Yesterday, I taught my second adult yoga class. It seems like ages ago when I taught my first class. I thought that since this was my second time, I would be less nervous but that wasn’t the case. The big difference is that this time I was subbing for a teacher and not teaching a community class. The pressure was on but I also clearly knew that I was putting the pressure on myself.

I reached out to Frayda Fafka, a hypnotherapist that I have worked with in the past. Frayda is amazing. There is something about her that I love. I feel a million times better just by speaking with her. She asks questions that shift my focus and perspective and makes me see everything differently. I decided to speak with her about my nerves. The cool thing is that we used Skype so she could see my face and my facial expressions as we chatted. We spoke for about 20 or minutes and then she put me “under” for about 15 minutes. I felt very calm after the session. Another great thing is that she records the meditation/hypnosis and sends it to you so I was able to listen to it one more time before I taught the class.

So, did it “work” though? I still felt a bit nervous before I taught the class but, like the first time, once I started, I relaxed. This time I was a bit more nervous because two of my classmates were there as well as my teacher. It’s scary to teach in front of your peers. However, overall, I felt the class went well.  My teacher thought so too. And so did my classmates!

Frayda emailed me after class to find out how it went.  We emailed a few times and, yet again, she helped me shift my perspective through these conversations.

I think it will take me a bit longer to feel super confident in my abilities to teach. Practice makes perfect. Onto the next time….. when I teach on August 20th!


2 thoughts on “Second Time Around

  1. I loved using Skype for the session. It seemed to increase my focus. It’s always great to work with Judie because she is so interested in getting good results and so willing to express her concerns and hopes.
    Frayda Kafka CHT

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