Loving The Bar

So far, I’ve taken 3 classes at The Bar Method in Montclair in 4 days. I’ve also taken just as many yoga classes. I swear I already feel a difference. I haven’t checked out my body or gone on the scale but I feel a lot stronger. Yesterday one of my yoga classmates said that I have Angela Basset arms. I was shocked as I don’t feel my arms look that toned but I gladly accepted the compliment.

This morning, I took a class that was led by an acquaintance of mine, Ally. She’s been taking classes at the Bar for 4 years. She’s has 3 kids and looks like a rock star. She’s tall (which makes a big difference) and lean and toned. Plus she’s so nice and friendly. I have never seen her crazed or annoyed at her children. How the hell does she do that??

I thought it was interesting taking a class by someone I knew. She was incredible. I could really tell she had been taking classes for years as she knew her stuff and gave great instruction.

I’m heading back on Wednesday. Can’t wait to tuck, tuck, tuck.


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