Take Your Pick: Mandy Ingber, Harley Pasternak, Tracy Anderson, or Jillian Michaels

I took an interesting quizon fitsugar.com. It was titled

Which Celebrity Personal Trainer Is For You?

It was easy for me to guess which questions applied to Tracy Anderson:

I’m worried about bulking up if I lift too many weights.

My favorite type of cardio is _________. Dancing

Which exercise would you rather do? 45 minutes of dance aerobics followed by strength training.

I decided to be honest with my answers. I got 

Your Celebrity Trainer: Harley Pasternak

Famous clients: Lady GagaHilary Duff, and Jennifer Hudson.

Unfortunately I have no idea who Harley Pasternak is.  I decided to take the quiz a second time. This time I answered with Tracy in mind. 

Your Celebrity Trainer: Tracy Anderson

Famous clients: Gwyneth PaltrowNicole Richie, and Jennifer Lopez.

Philosophy: Tracy Anderson is one trainer at the forefront of the lean dancer’s body trend. With Tracy’s method, expect a strict clean-eating meal plan and a huge gym commitment: the trainer recommends her clients see her six days a week for one to two hours at a time. Tracy’s workouts include moves that work smaller supporting muscles with light weights (she says this is a way to prevent bulking up) and dance aerobics for cardio as well as to help sculpt and tone.

The interesting thing is that, at this point, only 2.9% of respondents got Tracy as their personal trainer! I probably screwed those results by taking the quiz a second time with fals answers. Oops!




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