I Did It And I Liked It!

Yesterday I taught my first community class at Lotus Yoga Montclair, where I am taking my yoga teacher training program. Surprisingly, I wasn’t that nervous yesterday. I was more relieved that it was finally time and I could stop thinking about it!

I ended up having 5 students, plus one of my classmates and my teacher (it did make me a little nervous that she was there) and another classmate who was adjusting my teacher. Once I started the class, I really felt great. I had practiced all week so I pretty much knew my lesson plan.

Of course there were mishaps. I didn’t realize that for some reason, my Ipod kept on playing the same song over and over. I’m not sure if anyone else noticed it. It took me until the middle of the class to notice it myself!

After class, my teacher offered me a few suggestions. I was very appreciative for her help and advice. I knew my first class wasn’t going to be 100% perfect. For example, she suggested that I do Triangle pose, aka Trikonasana, before my Warrior II sequence. I also forgot some of the Sanskrit names of the asanas.

Overall, I felt proud of myself. One my classmates didn’t realize that it was my first time teaching an adult class.  She said it sounded as if I had been teaching for a while, how the words flowed from my mouth. I really appreciated that comment.

I have to teach at least 4 more community classes. I’m sure I will feel more confident the next time. I will probably stick with this basic lesson plan with minor tweaks. I do have to write a lot more plans as part of my yoga training so eventually I will have to switch things up.

But, for the time being, I am going to enjoy my actions of yesterday. Namaste!



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