Boo! Did I Scare You?

I have to teach my first ever adult yoga class. On Saturday. And I’m really, really scared. Nervous. My teacher is going to take the class. And one or two of my fellow classmates. I appreciate having my classmates support but the fact that my teacher will be there makes me nervous.

I was sharing this with my 8 year old daughter. As we talked, I realized that she comes face to face with things that scare her in her every day life. She was scared when she had to learn multiplication. She was nervous to beging a new camp this summer. I stopped for a second and thought about the last time I had to face a challenging situation. It’s really been this yoga training program. I had to face the fear and doubt that I was too told to begin a yoga career although I am not even sure I want to teach yoga!

I was really nervous to begin teaching my kids yoga classes.  Now I’m a lot more calm about it.  This past weekend we had to teach three yoga asanas to our classmates.  We had a few minutes to prepare but nevertheless, it was a rather nerve wracking teaching in front of your teacher and classmates. At least it was for me.

I’m trying my best not to get caught up in the panic and nervousness. I wrote my lesson plan and have been practicing it. I’ve been putting my playlist together. I’m figuring out what sutra I’m going to read for my dharma talk.

As much as I have been trying to remain in the present moment, I’m also projecting myself into the future. I’m imagining myself teaching and loving it. I imagine everything going smoothly (even though I also fear I’m going to forget everything). I’m also imagining myself when it’s all over. I am going to feel so relieved.  I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Boo! Did I Scare You?

  1. Why (choose to) be ‘scared’? Is this ‘fear’ a real emotion (or a thought)? Oh sure, you’ll want to do ‘your best,’ but why make negative predictions? Why not *know* that you will enjoy the day (and so, therefore, enjoy it!)? From what I know about yoga, your ‘teacher’ (can always learn, too, and) will not be *judging* you. From what I know about yoga, relax (now that I think of it, that’s probably even part of the ‘test,’ you know!) and go with the flow…! And remember to breathe…! (In, through the nose and out through the mouth?)

    Not a yogi
    (but along, enough, in years, to not sweat the small stuff)
    (especially when it’s something I know is ‘good’ / I’ve elected)

  2. Raymond, thank you for reminding me to relax and enjoy the moment. I really appreciate the reminder. PS- I teach breathing in and out the nose unless otherwise specified or lion’s breath. Let me know if you’d like a private session 🙂 Namaste.

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