I Finally Did It!

So, after all my talk, I finally did Tracy Anderson’s Mat workout. I did it twice, in fact. I have to say, I really enjoy this workout. I love the music and the moves. While I would appreciate more cueing, I also appreciate the non-chatter.

During the workout, especially the arm section (which is a freaking killer), I love how Tracy rolls her eyes. You can tell that she’s also finding this section challenging but you must keep on going. One thing I don’t like about the arm section is that I feel it a lot in my shoulders. I already have defined, broad shoulders. I don’t need any more muscle there.

The camera angles do make me laugh, especially when we’re watching her from above. As other bloggers and reviewers have mentioned, it gives the workout a porno feeling. Not that I watch pornos.

The ab section is weird. Tracy admits that it will take time to “internalize and feel the muscles deep.” Whatever that means. I just do the best that I can while feeling like a spaz.

It doesn’t seem like Tracy has rehearsed the lines. They seem ad libbed.

I’m not sure if I agree with her comments about accessory muscles. I certainly don’t agree with not lifting more than 3 pounds, but I know my body does respond to light weight and heavy reps.

Since I am doing so much yoga, I am not sure how often I will get to this this dvd. I did it this morning since I’m going to yoga tonight. I am considering just adding the arm part and the leg section and skip the abs. We’ll see.

I can easily see why this workout is a favorite amongst the Tracy crowd.


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