No, the title of this blog post doesn’t refer to Claire Dederer’s book Poser. I’m referring to myself.

I’ve been so immersed with my yoga training. I am loving all my practices, learning the philosophy and  doing my reading. Except, now more than ever, I am keenly aware of not practicing what I preach. Well, I am not preaching anything. Yet. One of the things that I am struggling with is meditation. My teacher told us that we should have a daily meditation practice and a at home asana practice. These days, I have neither. I have never, ever had a home practice. I’ve always preferred practicing yoga in a group setting with someone else telling me what to do.

I have had an on and off meditation practice. These days, it’s been off.  I know there’s no secret or magic pill.  I have to commit to the practice and do it. Why am I being so lazy about it? Ugh!


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