Is Tracy Anderson Serious?

I put my gym membership on hold for 2 months since I’m doing my summer intensive yoga teacher training program. But I still want to workout other than yoga so I was considering Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis series. That is, until I received one of her emails. It really pissed me off!

The email is sort of long but basically she said that once you complete her 90 day series (which is selling for $99.96 on QVC), you should not do redo the series. No, Tracy basically says that you have to spend- wait a second.  She says in the email and also on her website that you have to buy Continuity after completing Metamorphosis. But when I went to her website I could not find the Continuity section. I am a college graduate and I tend to navigate websites but maybe something is seriously wrong with me because I could not find this particular series on her website.

I decided to turn to google which helped me find this section on her website that gives the details. It says “For continuity, you’ll pay $29.99 per month or per quarter (see below) with free shipping and handling per ship for US orders ($11.95/shipment Canada, $13.95/shipment international). A free, all new Dance Cardio DVD will be included in each shipment only if you enroll in the 90 day continuity program.”

I know all about marketing strategies (I used to work in magazine sales and marketing for a decade) so I can understand what she is doing. Tracy is in sales and she needs to sell more and more of her dvds. Plain and simple.

Are you buying her Method?  Is this Method working for you?  I’d love to know!


12 thoughts on “Is Tracy Anderson Serious?

  1. I am still fairly early into the method. However, I do love it thus far. I have comleted p90x in the past…..Tracy is kicking my — and I love it….I have already seen changes…. I would like to do the continutiy when I am done with the metamorphsis….yes it is more than may be able to spend….but what is the cost of gym membership ??

  2. Thanks for your post Amy. Which Metamorphosis are you doing? I’m wondering, since Tracy recommends not to redo the series, what will people do with their dvds?

  3. it’s a good program to do in addition to your yoga–especially because it’s more focused on your “accessory muscles” i think doing it along with yoga would give an overall better body strengthening/toning.

    yeah, i got that email too and was kind of annoyed because in her design series/mat dvd she says that if it gets to easy add 2lb ankle weights, so i don’t understand why i can’t do that with the metamorphosis series…

    i don’t think i’ll be buying her continuity program though, i’ll just invent some moves of my own haha~

  4. Thanks Constance! I suspect that there will be another program after Continuity. I understand. People always want the newest, best thing out there and she is delivering to the demand, the same as any other marketer. I’ve been taking yoga classes 24/7 (I’m on my 5th straight day) but I do want to dust off my Mat dvd. Since I already have her Mat dvd, I told myself I needed to do it before purchasing any of her dvds.

  5. I’ve been doing the Mat, Post Pregnancy, and Dance Cardio DVDs in addition to every free webisode I can find for about a year, and I LOVE The Method. I just started Perfect Design 1 yesterday, and I’m definitely excited about it.

    That said, I think Tracy Anderson can be full of crap. Her “science” is so wrong it’s hard to listen to her ramble about it. And as far as purchasing the Continuity for the Meta series, I definitely won’t be. In fact, I expect the PD series to last me a while, so when I finally do buy Meta, she’ll probably already have a brand new DVD set out.

    If you’re just starting with Tracy, check out the webisodes on YouTube before buying Meta! If you like it, I highly, highly recommend starting with Mat (it is only $30 versus $100) instead of Meta.

  6. Sundae, thanks for the post. I do own The Mat but…. I haven’t done it in forever. I told myself I was not going to even think about buying any more of her dvds until I commit to her Mat one. I just completed 7 straight days of yoga classes. Today was my break day. Since tomorrow is July 4th I’m not sure I will be in the mood to do Mat but I will make an effort to do it this week.

    Thanks again for your tips!

  7. I have been doing TA for over a year now and the results are amazing. I just finished meta/omni and was very pleased with the results. Once you complete a series though, I have found that when I do it over again, I am not challenged as much b/c my muscles have become stronger in those areas, and the workout just isn’t as effective as it was before. The DVD’s that I did before, the mat, the personal design series are now so much easier for me when I go back to them. With TA’s program she is constantly pushing you to new limits and new ways to challenge your muscles. I know it sucks to have to keep spending money, but for me it is worth it. I have never been disappointed. The more you follow what she says, the better the results. Also, look at it this way, she could have kept her whole method to herself and to her celebrity clients, but she didn’t. She is sharing it with us and for that I am grateful. I know I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend at her studio. I am willing to pay the money for new material all the time b/c it stays fresh, challenging, and it is never boring. Gyms are boring, and doing the same old DVD over and over again is also boring. You can always give the DVD’s to someone who is in need of getting in shape. I know it will bless them.

  8. Bridgette, if you’re in the mood to share, I’d love to get any dvds that you are not using anymore 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog and for posting!!! Judie

  9. I do Tracy’s workouts, and I’ve tried her Metamorphosis program as well as her earlier DVDs. I highly recommend the earlier DVDs. I used them last year, regularly, and I went from a size 8 to a size 4/6. I was very pleased with the results. As soon as I dropped off, however, and started doing other stuff, I saw the results fade away. Part of that is eating habits and sleep and all that stuff….but that’s life. I’m back on Tracy now, and I’m doing some Couch 2 5K as well…..I’m eager to get those results back and won’t stray again. You can see before/after pics on my blog. Good luck. It’s an investment, but at least it pays off.

  10. MamaP, thank you so much for posting on this thread. Specifically, which of her earlier dvds do you recommend? I love your blog!!! Thanks again for writing.

  11. Judie – I love the post-pregnancy video. It’s my favorite. It’s slow-paced, focus and really lovely. The exercises are tough but not impossible. I did it yesterday and my face was beet-red. i felt totally worked out. I also do her Cardio Dance video. It takes a long time to learn, but honestly it’s amazing what a good workout it is. I feel my entire body (all my muscles) working. I can feel my abs working while I’m dancing. It’s hard but fun. I’m doing the Couch 2 5K program right now, and now I add at least 2 songs afterward, for 10 minutes of dance. I didn’t like Metamorphosis. The cardio is totally boring. And the toning workout is crammed into 30 minutes. Basically, I think she does an hour workout at a slow pace and just speeds it up. I would much rather do the slow pace, focus and spend more time. Hope this helps. Her old DVDs aren’t available on her website, but you can get them on Ebay! I love the results as long as I fit her workouts into my lifestyle and do them in a way that feels good to me.

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